Tim, Jackson, Matt, Maisen, Justin.

We used to play in other bands. Now we play in this one.

Urns Facebook page



13/10/12 @ John Curtin Hotel (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Coerce, Totally Unicorn, The Broderick (Presale tickets: http://tickets.oztix.com.au/?Event=29486)

27/10/12 @ The Gasometer (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Internal Rot, Shit Weather

24/11/12 @ TBC (AA) w/ Trench Sisters, Outright



05/08/11 @ Black Goat Warehouse (Melbourne, VIC) w/Comadre, Quiet Steps, Smith St Band

21/10/11 @ The Gasometer (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Nebraska, The World At A Glance, Edison

17/12/11 @ Loophole (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Laeirs, World At A Glance, Edison, Diploid

24/12/11 @ Loophole (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Raein, Rort, World At A Glance, Idle Minds

26/01/12 @ The Tote (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Fear Like Us, Palisades, Arrows + more

29/01/12 @ Ritual Music and Books (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Shit Weather, Old Skin

17/02/12 @ Rehearsal Room (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Venom Eyes, Old Skin, Diploid

18/02/12 @ The Gasometer (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Collapsed, Shit Weather, Grim Rhythm

09/03/12 @ Pony (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Internal Rot, Rort, Trench Sisters

23/03/12 @ The Bendigo Hotel (Melbourne, VIC) w/ In Trenches, Hopeless, Safe Hands

24/03/12 @ Sound System Studios (Sunbury, VIC) w/ The Kill, Old Skin, Hailgun, Goon Soaked Rag

05/04/12 @ The Gasometer (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Edison, Grim Rhythm, Soil and Ash

06/04/12 @ Black Wire (Sydney, NSW) w/ Shortlife, Dark Horse

07/04/12 @ The Pharmacy (Newcastle, NSW) w/ Obat Batuk, Dark Horse, Ivan & The Backpackers, Karl Marx

04/05/12 @ The Gasometer (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Night  Hag, Palisades, Old Skin

08/06/12 @ The Tote (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Cocks Arquette, Zond, Pearls

04/08/12 @ Black Goat Warehouse (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Rosetta, Nuclear Summer, City Of Ships, Stockades

24/08/12 @ The Bendigo Hotel (Melbourne, VIC) w/ Burning Love, Pity Scissor

31/08/12 @ Pony (Melbourne , VIC) w/ King Parrot + Order Of Chaos, Broozer, Swidgen, Batpiss

29/09/12 @ The Gasometer Hotel (Melbourne, VIC) w/ The Mung, The Day Everything Became Nothing, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt, Party Vibez


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